Grand Theft Auto Should Bring Back Period Stories After GTA 6

The success of Auto grand theft 5 assured fans that Rockstar Games will return to the property sooner rather than later. Push other series like Mpayne ax, bullyand The black by the wayside, the company seems focused on both Red Dead Redemption and GTA. With the success of the former, all eyes are on the developer’s most revered franchise for its sixth main installment. The rumors surrounding Grand Automatic Flight 6 have been swirling for some time, but recent leaks have still fueled many theories surrounding the project. The Vice City setting is all but confirmed to make an appearance, though the neon-infused 80s aesthetic seems to be left behind.


One of the better parts of the two Grand Theft Auto Vice City and grand theft auto san andreas was when they were set and the themes they were able to leverage as a result. From Tommy Vercetti’s adventure through the Miami-inspired streets to CJ’s return to the sunny West Coast in a fictional ’90s town, the pair of PlayStation 2 titles are rightly lauded for the stories and atmosphere that she can create. With Grand Automatic Flight 6 Sending players back to modern times, the next entry in the series is set to return to a period piece format once again.

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Period pieces cause great world building

One of the determining factors of Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the architecture and general ambiance of the city that it presents. Driving through downtown Vice City with Kim Wilde echoing from a near-destroyed Saber muscle car is part of the game’s unrelenting charm, as this act perfectly matches how the city looks from every angle. Seeing Vice City these days during sunny hours would be like going to a nightclub in the morning after a big party. It’s a great setting, not just because of its geography, but because of the people who call it home, the cars they drive, and the music they listen to.

Los Santos featured in Auto grand theft 5 suffered from a similar problem. It’s the exact same playing field that was offered to players in 2004, but had to be remodeled to fit in 2013, and thus lost much of the atmosphere that made grand theft auto san andreas fun to play and to exist. Whether Red Dead Redemption 3 took place in New Austin in 2022, it would lose everything that made it great because the tone, world-building, characters, and story were all so closely tied to the late 19th century. It is the same with Grand Theft Auto. While future titles would do well to create entirely new settings, ensuring they don’t take place in the present day would be an exciting proposition.

The mafia uses the past and GTA could too

However Grand Theft Auto never deviated further than the 1980s for its stories, Mafia: Definitive Edition shows that there is so much presentation value and narrative potential in the past. Its Lost Heaven ban era is dripping in style, and the gameplay is drastically changed from what was available to people at the time. Cars are slower, meaning chases are more tense than fast and flashy, and weapons are less effective and plentiful, making every kill during the main campaign more meaningful. There’s less emphasis on total carnage in Hangar 13’s 2020 title, which perhaps makes it more comparable to Red Dead Redemption that Grand Theft Auto.

The existence of Red Dead Redemption stop Grand Theft Auto to venture too far into America’s past, but it also shows that immersing players in a certain era can prompt more memorable experiences. Arthur Morgan’s slow and reluctant journey into the light is far more engaging than that undertaken by GTA 5The trio of undesirables, and even the time away from the story is more rewarding. The 1899 decor achieves this so well and, as Mafia: Definitive Edition in 2020, it serves to make the end product all the more atmospherically satisfying.

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Social commentary is an essential part of Grand Theft Auto, because without it, the story that each game presents would be far less interesting and half as controversial. Placing a mirror in front of society and parodying the culture in which each game is set is why Grand Theft Auto is more revered than other open-world games, but with a modern setting, the social commentary quickly fades into obscurity. GTA 5 is still going strong 9 years after its release on PS3 and Xbox 360, but a lot of the stuff it makes fun of no longer exists and the comedy that litters the story is no longer relevant.

take a future Grand Theft Auto playing in the 60s or the turn of the 21st century would ensure that the unapologetic humor and stark social commentary makes sense and cannot be rendered useless after just a few years. Those decades are long gone, and so the tone of the game will be compromised as anyone’s opinion of that era is highly unlikely to change. Do we need a future Grand Theft Auto title is a vintage piece, it will stand the test of time due to its willingness to delve into the past, without trying to take advantage of current trends.

If Rockstar Games were to release new entries with more regularity, that might not be a problem, but Grand Automatic Flight 6 is still far. Grand Theft Auto only seems to be getting bigger in both scale and longevity, so the ever-changing state of modernity is changing too quickly for Grand Theft Auto to really capture in a single match. A period piece is where the franchise thrives, and it should absolutely return to the formula, sooner rather than later.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is in development.

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