The Tesco Clubcard point trick saved me £2,600 on holiday flights – how you can do it too

HOLIDAYS looking for a last minute deal could use a cheap Tesco Clubcard to score a bargain.

A savvy saver has explained how you can halve your flight costs by using your Tesco Clubcard when booking.


You could get thousands off your flight costs using a Tesco ClubcardCredit: Getty

To collect points on your Clubcard, simply scan it at checkout when shopping at Tesco – if you don’t have one it’s easy to sign up, just download the app.

You can earn points on groceries, fuel, online purchases, and anything else you find in-store.

To register for free, you must create an account with Tesco. But all you need to do is enter a few details like your name and address, and you should receive your card in the mail.

You get one point for every £1 spent – or one point for every £2 of fuel – and 150 points equals a £1.50 voucher.

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But rather than using the points to get cash on your groceries, it’s often better to spend vouchers with one of Tesco’s rewards partners.

Points are worth up to three times as much when redeemed with one of the supermarket’s partners.

There are many brands you can use the points with, including RAC, Disney+, Thorpe Park and more.

But you might not realize that there is also an option to turn your Clubcard points into flight points if you are part of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

A savvy shopper saved £2,600 using this hack, sharing it on the Facebook group Extreme coupons and great deals in the UK.

She was traveling to the US and said: “I converted my Tesco Clubcard points into Virgin points.

“I had a value of around £30, which was equivalent to 9,350 points. Then I bought the remaining points for £180.

“As a result, the flight which would have cost £3,195 cost me £548.”

To convert Clubcard points into Virgin points, you must be a member of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club programme.

You can find out how to do this on the Virgin website here.

Membership is free and you can save Flight Points for as long as you need them – they won’t expire.

To redeem points you will need to log into your account and scroll down the page until you find ‘Voucher Schemes’ and then tap on the ‘Blank Points’ box.

You should be able to select the number of Clubcard points you wish to redeem using the shopping cart in your account.

Each Clubcard point is worth 2.5 Virgin points, which means that every £2.50 of Clubcard points is worth 625 Virgin points.

£2.50 is also the minimum value you can choose if you convert points through Virgin.

If you want to buy more Points, there should be an option for this at checkout – but you must already have Virgin Points stored (no matter how many) for this to work.

But note that there are always cheaper flights available with other airlines, so we recommend having a scout before making a decision.

You can get flights for £100-£200 if you go later in the year too – so be sure to check various booking sites for a range of options.

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But if you’re traveling overseas this summer, be sure to watch out for roaming charges so you don’t face an unexpected bill when you get home.

A customer racked up a huge £140 bill as soon as she landed – read here.

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